ESN Guide - 2017 Edition

Willkommä, Bienvenue, Benvenuto, Bainvegni, Welcome to Switzerland

You are about to experience an exciting term or year abroad. This booklet will spare you precious time looking for information and will prepare you for some typically Swiss quirks. In here, you will find answers to all the key questions that may arise before and during your stay in Switzerland.
Please feel free to contact the author in case you are missing some information or in case of errors.


After 2 years, the ESN Guide is back! New version, new look ;) We have this year also the Swiss To Do Contest! don't miss the opportunity to win a ticket to Top of Europe- Jungfraujoch! 

How to get the Booklet?

(Exchange) Students

Please ask your local ESN Section in Switzerland for a printed item for free. If there is no section there, ask the International/Mobility Office of your guest Educational Institution here in Switzerland.

Swiss Higher Educational Institutions (HEI)

Printed 2016 booklets (only English version available) for Swiss Higher Educational Institutions can be PRE-ordered here. In case you need the 2014 edition, you can order them here (while stocks last).

Swiss ESN Sections

Printed 2016 booklets (only English version available) for Swiss ESN Sections can be PRE-ordered here. The online version is available at this link!

Other Interested Parties

Please contact us by e-mail for further information and the current conditions for the printed items.
Please note: as a student organisation we are not able to send printed booklets for free or to send them without reimbursing the shipping and handling.

If you want to take part of The Swiss To Do List, please read our terms and conditions attached below.