For the first NA of the year 2023/2024, we welcomed everyone to the capital city of Switzerland for a full immersion in the theme of Nature. It was a quintessentially Swiss (and especially Bernese) experience. The location of our plenaries in Marzili, next to the Aare river, was the perfect setting to enjoy the beautiful autumn atmosphere.

There were workshops, presentations offering a comprehensive experience. Some elections and votations which were held came through positively. In the evenings, there were dinners and social programs to facilitate getting to know fellow ESNers better. NA I was perfect for new members who had just joined ESN, allowing them to better understand the organization at the national level in a fun and lively context. Older members, of course, knew what they were in for and didn’t get disapointed. It truly was an opportunity to enjoy a crisp autumn weekend with the ESN-Family!


Your beloved Communication / IT committee <3