Have you always wanted to visit Oktoberfest but never had the time to plan a trip or the budget for it? Taste amazing beer whilst wearing proper lederhosen or a dirndl? Or perhaps ride the Olympia Looping?

Yes-Trips Switzerland presents an exclusive two-day (three nights) trip to the biggest beerfest in the world.

Travel with other students, create memories, and have a great time without all the fuss of organising the trip!

NOTE: There are only 50 tickets available for the moment. It is essential that you get your ticket as soon as you can to ensure participation in this epic cultural event.


What's included in the 190CHF?

- Travel back and forth through the night to Munich so that you don’t have to miss a thing.
- Breakfast on both days
- 2 Travel Guides, who will make sure that you have a great time.
- Shuttle back and forth to our campsite
- A night at our campsite to get some proper sleep (we provide the tent, field beds and sleeping bag, just bring a pillow!)
- A Survival Guide / Manual, to get the most out of your experience

**Bookings do not include a reserved spot at the tables, but you don’t need one! If you follow the instructions of the Guides, you should always get a spot. If you would like to reserve a spot, you can do so via the website of the respective beer tent!**

It's impossible to describe everything that will happen during this EPIC trip, however this is a short overview of what you can expect:

- We depart from every Swiss city that is participating. The departure time will be communicated 1 week in advance and will always be between 19 and 21.
- Try to get some rest on the overnight bus or socialise with your fellow Yes-Trippers.
- We arrive early the following morning, and after breakfast we head to Theresienwiese. Here, we gather to stand in line to enter the tents.
- The madness begins! With your 1st beer at 9am you will truly feel like you are in Bavaria.
- We will drink, sing, maybe try out a few rollercoasters or one of the many treats available, and most importantly have an unforgettable time!
- At the end of an awesome day, you have the option to get on the bus back to the Campsite. Don’t worry if you prefer talking with the locals a bit longer, you can easily return to the Campsite via the metro.
- After a night’s rest, breakfast will be served and the buses will make sure that you get back to the festival.
- Can you handle another day of awesomeness? Well, you’ll have to!
- At the end of Day 2, hopefully you will have enjoyed the Bavarian culture to its fullest, as it is time to head back home. The overnight bus will probably be a lot quieter this time around.
- Keep in touch after the event, as we would love to hear what you thought about the trip! We would also like to share with you the amazing pictures that we took and look out for our legen… wait for it… dary after-movie!

Tickets are available starting Monday, September 17th!

**For more information (or to just to say ‘Hi’), email: info@yes-trips.com**

05/10/2018 - 19:00 to 08/10/2018 - 07:00
190 CHF
  • An ESNcard of this section required.
  • Everyone is invited.