...and take part to an essential project!

What's going on in 2016.

- Work groups have been created and Matteo (our national coordinator) is part of the "Guideline and events WG". He tries to get everyone involved with inputs and feedbacks.

- The first "National ExchangeAbility Coordinators Meeting (NEACM)" has been announced to take place in Brussels from March 10-13. Any members interested are also welcome.
Please find further information here  (if you apply, please tell Matteo)

- We need someone to do the active PR part of ExchangeAbility Switzerland this year.

- We would love to meet you guys soon all together to exchange what has been done and to plan 2016. Therefore, let's organise a meeting during Spring semester (contact Matteo for more info)


Alright, that's it for now! Let's start over with that project this year!