Hi there, ESNers!

We finally have Satellite4 up and running on the national server!

If you would like your section page to be in gorgeous Satellite4, have your local Communication Manager/Webmaster/LR contact our national webmaster at webmaster@esn.ch and we'll be sure to help you update it.

  • geneva.esn.ch : ☑️
  • olten.esn.ch : ☑️
  • winterthur.esn.ch : ☑️
  • unil.esn.ch : ☑️
  • bern.esn.ch : ☑️
  • neuchatel.esn.ch : ☑️

Who's next?!

What is Satellite?

ESN Satellite is the free website template for ESN sections, developed and maintained by ESN International.
ESN Satellite is...

  • beautiful: a fresh, complete ESN looking design
  • easy: if you can use webmail, you can master a Satellite
  • unified: local, national and international websites share the same looks
  • tailored to the needs of ESN sections
  • high quality based on the widely adopted and solid Drupal platform
  • free for all sections, national boards and ESN event organizers
  • part of the ESN Galaxy

The IT Committe and ESN International support all sections, national boards and ESN event organizers willing to try the ESN Satellite.