Studying abroad is an amazing experience. It is unique from a personal as well as academic perspective. Being in an international environment is the best opportunity to establish intercultural contacts, have invaluable insight into a different culture, learn a language and grow as a person.

Studying abroad allows you to develop four main competences:

  • an understanding of other cultures,
  • improvement of language skills,
  • flexibility,
  • indepence and confidence.

Testimonials from exchange students

Sabina, Romania -> Switzerland
It helped me as a person, to grow up, live more independently, with different people, adapt, become flexible and socialize much more than usual

Cléo, Switzerland -> Germany
I discovered a new country and met incredible people from all over the world. I ended up more resourceful than before, comfortable with German and full of great memories

Xavier, Spain -> Switzerland
Erasmus Experience or Experience Erasmus, no matter which sense but it's a must!

Alizeh, France -> Switzerland
I have matured in ways I wouldn't have had I not done an exchange. I met some of the most wonderful people I am sure I ever will

Maxime, Switzerland -> Sweden
Lasting memories, friendships with people from all over the world and an understanding of the local culture as well as those of fellow erasmi - a unique human and professional experience

Mélanie, Switzerland -> Germany
Immersion in a new culture, making new friends from around the world, becoming more independent and learning to struggle through something on my own

Anna, Italy -> Switzerland
I could share my ideas and culture with people from all over the world, learn languages and experience the country I was in.

Alex, Austria -> Switzerland
I got to know myself better and learnt what is important to me. As a physicist the EPFL was a great place to be and I attended a course without earning credit because it is only offered here

Pascal, Switzerland -> UK
What seemed to be a big challenge in the beginning turned out to be one of the most amazing years of my life: new science, friends and language and living in London, the coolest city

Maria, Scotland -> Switzerland
I learned from my fellow Erasmus students things I could never hope to learn from a holiday or visit to their respective countries

Paul, Switzerland -> Italy
Living abroad taught me to adapt myself to a different lifestyle and customs, to live on my own for the first time, and it brought me the curiosity and will to discover and meet other nationalities.


Markus, Germany -> Switzerland
When I cam I spoke no French and before I left I could write an article in French. I could discover Lausanne and Switzerland and enjoyed to get out of my daily routine

Laurent, Switzerland -> Sweden
A wonderful way to open your mind, discover new cultures and make new friends. The experience of a lifetime.

Samuel, Switzerland -> Canada
I became independent, saw and lived something different, such as the education system, discovered different cultures, learnt a new language and to be tolerant (and lost my girlfriend)

Anna, Spain -> Switzerland (left)
I grew as a person, learnt a lot about different cultures and improved my language skills. I worked hard for my credits but spent a great year in Switzerland

Marisa, Switzerland Zurich -> Switzerland Lausanne (right)
Working on projects with people from many different countries taught me how to adapt and communicate

Maxence, Switzerland -> Portugal
I gained language skills, knowledge of the Mediterranean culture, other ways of living and thinking and discovered Lisbon, one of the last authentic cities in Europe

Oxana, Germany -> Switzerland
To get along in a new country, make new friends, learn how to organize your life or your studies; all these little events can help to build up and discover your own personality and experience your limits.

Nina, Switzerland -> USA
I became friends with people I would not have met in normal situations. These people later became "family" to me

Madeleine, Switzerland -> Denmark
Having a blast with friends from all over the world - what a fun way of international exchange

Gilbert, Canada -> Switzerland
I learnt to consider both economical and ecological aspects for water management and how important it is to conserve biodiversity. Also, Switzerland made me believe in confederacy

Kajsa, Sweden -> Switzerland
My understanding of other nationalities and cultures improved tremendously. And I loved about Switzerland that I could get to nature so quickly