Becoming an ESNer and caring for exchange students is a great and awesome experience!

The sad incident of having joined ESN is, that once member of ESN you will also once become ESN Alumni (unless of course you plan to stay in ESN forever). As the true ESNer that you are, you’re still interested in ESN, but just can’t be active any more. Also you’re wondering where and when to meet all your national and international ESN friends, since you can’t attend all the meetings any more.

Now that’s the time you should consider the ESN Alumni!

ESN Alumni is a group of people, who were once active in ESN and can’t leave without caring anymore. We’re not legally organized in Switzerland, but we do meet sometimes, somewhere. For exchange of thoughts and minds, we have a facebook group and a mailing list, where important information is provided.

  • AGM: Alumni are still welcome to join the AGM. Right now, it’s 20 in total (meaning Alumni international)
  • Alumni Medley in spring and Alumni Meeting in autumn: Meet and greet and enjoy the time
  • Newsletter by ESN Alumni international

We also support ESN upon request:

  • Chairing of meetings
  • Procedural/financial auditing
  • Provision of workshops

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You’re welcome to join even when you’re still active – it might be a long time, but eventually you will also become an ESN Alumni.

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Julia Svozil
Alumni Coordinator of ESN Switzerland
Active in ESN from 2009 - today